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Karen Wolfe, the Princess of Soul and Blues

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

What does it take to create a music legend? Just ask Karen Wolfe, the Princess of Soul and Blues.

Born and bred in Pine Bluff, Arkansas (she celebrated her birthday on August 14), Karen grew up singing gospel music. Initially, she pursued religious music as a professional career, singing in Soul Unlimited and recording her first record, Stop by Here, with the Harmonettes, a quartet later known as Direction. In 1992, Karen transitioned from gospel to blues after marrying Gary Wolfe, the brother-in-law of celebrated soul-blues singer Denise LaSalle. Karen was hired as Denise's backing vocalist.

After spending several years touring with Denise, Karen signed with B&J Records to record her debut album, First Time Out, in 2006. Three years later, she released A Woman Needs a Strong Man, which featured the monster hit single Man Enough, now considered an anthem for strong women everywhere. In 2012, Karen switched to Coday Records for her next album, Telling It Like It Is. The same label released No Regrets in 2015. Then, in the summer of 2017, Karen released That Chick Ain't Me, the first single from her fifth album. She ushered in 2018 with her second release entitled You Ain’t Woman Enough.

Karen’s talent has taken her around the world and back, leaving adoring fans in her wake wherever she goes. She has admirers in countries as far away as Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, and Spain. But she never forgets where she came from, and she’s proud to call Pine Bluff her home.

During her career, Karen has shared the stage with dozens of renowned artists, including Denise LaSalle, Bobby Rush, T.K. Soul, Floyd Taylor, Jeff Floyd, Willie Clayton, Sheba Potts-Wright, Mel Waiters, James Smith, Terry Wright, and Andre’ Lee to name just a few. The list could go on and on. We’re delighted to feature Karen on this week’s Pine Bluff Virtual Blues and Soul Summer Set on August 28. Tune in at 7 pm CDT at

In the meantime, watch Karen Wolfe perform some of her best known songs.


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