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Civil Rights 


Did you know that Pine Bluff has major connections to Civil Rights history? Though Pine Bluff's role is not as well known, this Delta city boasts civil rights credentials on par with Selma, Little Rock, and Montgomery. Not only was Pine Bluff the site of boycotts, sit-ins, demonstrations, and bombings as African Americans demanded an end to segregated public facilities and jobs in the early 1960s, several high-profile African American leaders at the epicenter of the fight have Pine Bluff connections. Attorneys Harold Flowers, Wiley Branton, and Leo Branton played prominent roles in groundbreaking cases like the Little Rock Central High crisis, the integration of the University of Arkansas Law School, and the drive to register black voters. Judge George Howard, and Black Panther Bobby Hutton also played important key roles in the fight for equality. The stories are riveting but most of them have gone untold - until now.

Welcome to the Delta Civil Rights Legacy Trail. Please navigate through the digital brochure below to learn about all the interesting stops on the tour. On page 2, click on the numbered boxes to play videos and learn more. Enjoy!

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