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Delta Rhythm & Bayous Cultural District

The Pine Bluff/Jefferson County National Heritage Trails Task Force and Delta Rhythm & Bayous Alliance is proposing a new cultural district which would include various landmarks related to topics such as civil rights and the blues. 

Cultural districts serve many purposes, including:

  • Help revitalize neighborhoods and increase the quality of life for its residents;

  • Serve as a vehicle to assist in the support and marketing of local nonprofit cultural organnizations;

  • Serve as a focal point to brand a city's unique identity and embrace it's historic significance;

  • Have a significant economic impact on cities, attracting businesses, tourists, and local

residents to a central part of the city.

Watch the video below for a 3D animated visual of the proposed development for the

epicenter of Phase I.

Economic Impact

As stated above, cultural districts have significant economic impacts on cities.

Below are the key findings for the potential economic impact in Jefferson County.

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