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Welcome to Spooky Fridays!

Harold Wooley, a native of Pine Bluff was a Hollywood sound engineer who worked on numerous film productions. One of his projects was the 1958 Sci-Fi movie, Frankenstein's Bride. It was a low cost movie which cost about $60,000 and had very little commercial success.

Who was the sound engineer for the movie, Frankenstein's Daughter
Teenager Trudy Morton turns into what at night in the beginning of the movie?
Which sex is Frankenstein's Daughter?
How many assistants did the creator of Frankenstein's daughter have?
What destroys the monster at the end of the movie?

Thanks for submitting!

Be sure to answer the questionnaire and submit your answers within 24 hours. All questionnaires that are answered correctly will be put in a drawing for a first-, second-, and third-place prize each week:


First Place - $50 restaurant certificate

Second Place - $35 restaurant certificate

Third Place - $20 restaurant certificate


Each winner will select a Pine Bluff restaurant of their choice for their certificate.

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