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Byron Vaughns produced Casper's Haunted Christmas. Vaughns lives in White Hall and is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. He has received an Emmy and an Annie Award nomination (the highest award in cartoon illustration) for his work in cartoons. Vaughns has worked on a variety of the most popular Saturday morning cartoons.

Who produced Casper's Haunted Christmas?
What is the deadline for Casper to scare someone?
If Casper does not scare someone before the deadline, where will he be banished?
Who are The Ghostly Trio?
Who do The Ghostly Trio hire to do Casper's job of scaring someone?

Be sure to answer the questionnaire and submit your answers within 24 hours. All questionnaires that are answered correctly will be put in a drawing for a first-, second-, and third-place prize each week:


First Place - $50 restaurant certificate

Second Place - $35 restaurant certificate

Third Place - $20 restaurant certificate


Each winner will select a Pine Bluff restaurant of their choice for their certificate.

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