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Thoughtful Last-Minute Gift Ideas

The coronavirus pandemic has brought unforeseen challenges for all of us. The tourism industry came to a screeching halt and restaurant restrictions were put into place in the first quarter of 2020 which local businesses are still recovering from. Our museums and attractions, as well as our locally-owned restaurants, contribute greatly to the social and economic well-being of our community.

This year, we’ve put together some gift ideas that will help you think outside of the box and give considerate, unique gifts to your loved ones while helping to stimulate the local economy. According to a recent Small Business Economic Impact Study, 67% of each dollar spent at a local business stayed in the community, and of that amount, 23% ends up reinvested into other local businesses.

Here are some gift ideas that will bring joy to the recipient, the giver, and the businesses in our community:

Gift Cards to Locally-Owned Eateries

Pine Bluff is full of flavor. Now more than ever, our restaurants need your support. Local restaurateurs have invested in our community, and they offer a vast array of cuisine. Keep in mind that many of our restaurants cater as well, so you can give yourself the gift of time by hiring a caterer during the holiday season. Go to and click on Eat to see the complete list of restaurants Pine Bluff has to offer.

Memberships to Local Attractions

There’s nothing like a pandemic to help you focus on what’s really important in life. That’s one of the reasons why many people are now interested in receiving experiences rather than material things this holiday season. A membership to one of Pine Bluff’s local attractions is sure to delight anyone on your gift list. A membership is a gift that keeps on giving by being able to participate with a member’s discount for most of the events, classes and programs throughout the year.

Donations to Local Museums

What do you give the person that has everything? Why not make a donation in their name to one or more of Pine Bluff’s many museums? There are plenty to choose from, and whether you make a donation “in honor of” or “in memory of,” your donation will go to a good cause and is very much appreciated.

Go to and click on Attractions under the See & Do tab (or click here) for a list of museums and attractions for memberships and donations.

Though 2022 has posed more than its share of challenges, gift giving doesn’t have to be one of them.

When you’re making your list…

And checking it twice…

Shopping Pine Bluff…

Would be really nice!

Happy shopping, everyone!

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